10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest In SEO

I’ve been getting this question a lot. Why Search Engine Optimization? Why should I invest in SEO?
How will it help my business? What will I achieve? Is SEO even relevant for a business like mine?
These are a few questions, I can continue this list all night long….
So, After thinking about this topic and having a great chat with my fellow colleagues…

Here are 10 Reasons Why SEO is important for your Business.

It still works and is far from dead

By the way search engines are progressing in the current scenario there is no chance investing in SEO will be less effective.
As simple as it sounds. SEO still works. Yes! Search Engine Optimization is not something which can just vanish or die.
You must be thinking what proof I have? Lets begin. Create a website with amazing content and do not optimize it for search engines.
Results – It wont get ranked on google, It wont even show up for google search because its not optimized.
Yes. It’s true you not only need good quality content, SEO services in also a must have.
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Your competitor’s are doing it!

If you own a business which needs even a pinch of Digital Marketing, look up to your competitors.
Basically search for people who made it big in your business niche. You’ll find many.
What’s next? Search for there websites and there it is! They have well optimized websites which rank high on google search.

Local SEO is the new trend

You must have seen location’s popup while searching for some product or service on Google.
The addresses you find are location’s which have been optimized to match your query.
Local SEO has helped a huge number of businesses increase their revenue just because they show up on Google searches for people looking for products or services which they provide.

SEO is cost effective

It’s is cost effective

Getting organic traffic, Ranking high on Google. Reaching out to people looking for you!
These are just a few benefits. All these at affordable prices makes it interesting.
Even after spending huge amounts on ads, the target audience is not reached which leads to a loss.
On the other hand getting organic traffic at minimal costs and reaching out to people looking for you is a profit.
The time taken for a website to rank high on Google completely depends on the competition but even the lowest competitive businesses take time to index and get picked by specific search engines as per there different algorithms.
This splits the cost in several months which reduces your tension to pay huge checks for a marketing service.

quality content goes viralIndeed SEO helps you promote quality content

Have great content on your website and yet fail to get good amounts of traffic? Is something missing??
It’s content optimization for search engines. I accept your content must be great but it should also be crawled by search engines
Visit our post on All about Search Engines. It will help you understand how search engines work.

Allows you to target niche relevant audience

As mentioned above it helps you target the audience which are completely relevant to you.
For instance people looking out for SEO services in Mumbai should find an SEO agency in Mumbai.
This even helps increase the user experience and interest to engage with your business.

seo help to boost ROI

Gives a boost to your ROI

If it increase your sales, It by default increase your return on investment.
Simple statistics show that businesses with optimized website for Google searches get 7% increase in sales every year.
As we all know increase in clicks and website traffic is great, but the ultimate goal is to generate revenue.

Mobile search is increasing everyday

According to Google at a given moment, mobile users are more than computer users.
This means increasing mobile searches is also a reason to invest in SEO. More audience = More revenue.

Increases your SERP ranking

Definitely SEO marketing increases your rank on search engine results page (SERP) also it helps you compete with other brands / businesses.
Not getting traffic even after providing amazing products / content / services is heartbreaking. But you have to understand one thing that your content needs to be well optimized. Either you get it optimized or continue facing the same issues. “Sorry to be harsh”

Unhealthy content profile is Business damaging

If you have invested in a business which is very relevant to the Internet do invest in SEO because it will undoubtedly help you.
With every last change to its search calculation, Google and different search engines change the way they rank websites. Things which didn’t even exist a couple of years back, for example, social media pointers, are currently given genuinely high significance as far as their effect on your rankings.


We are in a world where we depend on search engines for a lot for queries. Apart from helping your business grow, having high SERP on Google will help your audience understand the amount of time, effort and dedication you put into your business.
Compared to pay per click ads which make you pay for every click which lands on your website no matter the person is interested in your product or services its better to invest in seo which can help you on the long run.
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