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We are an SEO agency in Mumbai offering digital, email and social media marketing services. Here is a complete brief about the different services we provide.



Websites generate traffic by the process of their ranking on google. We help you achieve the best ranks and advertise your business on different search engines.

SEM is one of the best ways to express your business to people and let them contact you with queries leading to contract sign ups etc.


social media marketingSMM

Social Media promotion is also a service we provide which includes promoting your business on social media websites. We post blogs with content related to your niche and target audience i.e. potential customers/clients.

We at HaiYeMaya SEO help you build amazing social media marketing strategies.

Its is now official that viral content is generated on social media because people tend to engage and share content more via social media compared any other internet network.


email marketing

Email Marketing

On of the old school methods is email marketing.

We provide our clients with the best solutions to send out designer emails and reach specific target audience by setting up various email marketing campaigns.

Our SEO packages also include email marketing.

Creating amazing email ideas is what we excel at.

People assume that emails don’t generate revenue anymore which is completely wrong.


Video Marketing

As per survey most people remember images much more than text or typed content.

We help you create promotional and inspirational videos describing your business.

These videos can also be used to target audience from various specific social media sites which later helps in more sales.

Domain and Hosting

In our packages we provide domain and hosting for free for a certain amount of time but other than that we also help you keep a track of your domain renewal, hosting server maintenance, website uptime track and any other related query. Be a part of HaiYeMaya Seo now!!!

web designWeb Design and Development

Websites are what make your brand personality on the internet HaiYeMaya SEO also designs website with latest technologies for business to go online live in front of the world. Once we design, we also develop your websites which makes us a one stop shop.

100% Premium SEO services Mumbai

As said we provide premium SEO in Mumbai which is 100% white hat with no hidden tricks. We believe in 100% transparency with our clients. SEO is no more a luxury but it is now became a necessity for every business which needs its presence on the internet. Need your free audit contact us and we’ll send your website’s latest internet marketing status.

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