On Page SEO – Ultimate Optimization Tips

On Page SEO is the proper use, editing and optimising of content and keywords related to niche of the website, allowing search engines index it in proper categories

Today we at HaiYeMaya Digital Marketing are going to discuss one of the most important steps of Search Engine Optimization which is On page SEO. It is one of the best ways to increase organic traffic to your website / blog.

SEO has many steps, every step needs to be completed properly with good and appropriate content usage.

Here are few steps to On Page SEO:

  • Title Tagtitle tag

Add your keywords to the beginning of your title tags, this step is applied to blogs and websites.

  • On Page SEO Friendly Url

Make you Url’s as friendly as possible. Google has mentioned clearly that 3-5 words after the domain name is given priority while searching.

Lets say we have www.haiyemaya.com and the keyword key phrase for your blog is What is seo.

So your Url should be www.haiyemaya.com/what-is-seo

  • Optimize Page Loading Speed

This topic is avoided by highest number of webmasters. It is very simple, the faster your page loads the more it is appreciated by the audience just because no one would like waiting after visiting your link. Slow loading can affect your bounce rate by a large scale which is again an important ranking factor, when it comes to ranking high on google.

Check for page errors, optimize images and avoid sending many requests in your code.

  • Use Info graphics and Videos

You should always use good images with your content. Even try making some good infographics for your audience which people can refer to.

Tutorial videos can also be added between posts or in the form of testimonials for your company. But don’t forget to optimize everything before adding it to your blog post or business website as this step is very important for on page seo.

  • Use of Keywords

Use your keywords in the first 100-150 words of your page. Do not stuff your content with keywords. Maintain 2% usage of a specific keyword and avoid overuse.

Make a proper list of your keywords before you start writing posts, so you get a good idea of when and what keywords to be used.

  • H1 to H3 Tag

Add your keywords to H1 and H2 tag. Add synonyms of your keywords to H3 and H4 tag.

Do not spam H tags, try to use it not more than 2-5 times.

  • Long tail keywords in your title

Use long tail keywords/ key phrases in your webpage or blog post title tag so you get found on more searches.

long tail keywords

To get you long tail keywords just google you keywords and wait for google to show a few suggestions, just use the ones which you think are important for your webpage.

  • Easy Social Sharing Buttons

Allow your audience to share your page on social media just by one click. Add social media share buttons to every webpage on your website.

It should not me a hard task for the audience to find these buttons.Keep in mind that every social share gives you a nofollow backlink so make the best use of this functionality.

  • Use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI Keywords)

LSI keywords are very easy to find on google. Search for you main keywords on google and at the bottom of every page you will find some related suggestions which are your LSI keywords.

Using these keywords increases you chances to get more audience from the less competitive key phrases.

  • Use Outbound Links

Proof of concept is a very important topic when it comes to publishing good content. Give reference to the source you got the content or idea from like wikipedia, google etc.

Outbound links also help you increase your domain authority which is again a very important SEO factor.

  • Internal Linking

Apart from Outbound links you should also give your page references to other topics.

Let’s take an example where you are writing content about software and you have another post which explain a topic more in depth. Just link the keyword to the page where you give more information about the topic.

The image below is an example of inter-linking on our old posts.inter-linking

This will help you increase you bounce rate. Bounce rate is something google loves, it helps them determine how people react to your webpage.

  • Image Optimization

Adding alt tags and renaming your images according to the content can help you be found on google image search which again is a good way to imcrease you internet visibility.

Save your images as save for web, this step will help you decrease your page loading time.

  • Publish Quality and Long Content

There are many people with posts having 500-700 words which has become the average content published. To increase your audience you need to publish in depth explanations with good resources.

A study has determined that pages having more than 2000 quality words rank high on search engines.

To overcome this situation you can combine 2 topics which can easily help you reach the mark of 2000 words. If your keyword competition is high, this step is mandatory for you.

  •  Provide Resources

If your niche has an audience where people require resources to download, go ahead and provide them with some. On the long run resource downloads will help you generate more backlinks from people who refer to your content.

Download-ButtonLet’s take an example of a page which is about high definition images, providing HD image downloads can help you increase your audience since that is all they want. But this step is of no use unless you provide good content to support your on page seo.

Following the list above has proven to generate great traffic and help in proper audience targeting.

  •  Consistency is the key!

Apart from following the steps above, you should share good content which is niche relevant on frequent basis to increase the content linking to your website / blog etc. The more SEO optimized content your share the higher you rank on Google.

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