how many words per blog post

How many words per blog post?

Recommended words to be used for a blog completely depend on the category and competition of content. Depending on many factors one of them being how well the content is SEO optimized. Here is a in-depth explanation on this topic :

Lately I have been getting this question a lot of how many words for a blog post, what should be the blog post size, what is the recommended blog post size etc.

Today I am going to explain why is this topic so important keeping Search Engine Optimization SEO in mind.

Lately writing blogs has been a hype. Every third person owns a specific blog. Due to this reason the competition is rising higher day by day.

Average blog posts have 350-500 words which is not so good for SEO as per current standards.

Intermediate bloggers post around 750-900 words which is good by not up to the mark.

Currently most famous professional bloggers like BrianNeil have been posting amazing blogs with more than 2000 words and ranked quiet well in their specific niche. You must be thinking 2000 words OMG! But trust me once you start sharing posts which follow the Quality + Quantity rule you will definitely boost your daily visitors.

Steps to calculate how many words should your blog posts or webpages have:

  1. Check your competitors’ blog to see what is their post length.
  2. Did your competitors rank well with the number of words they posted?
  3. Does your niche allow you to combine 2-3 topics to make a single post or a single topic is sufficient?
  4. What is the frequency of your competitors blog posts?
  5. What style does your niche follow?
  6. Define the purpose of your post before writing

The answers to these steps can help you understand what approximately should be your post length and how often you should post.

Quantity + Quality (Q+Q Rule)

Yes! Google wants it all. Apart from the previous idea “only quality matters” now even quantity is a requirement. Due to the increase in competition quality of blogs has gone up but the quantity of content provided has gone down. If you can come up with an idea where you create a process where quality and quantity standards are maintained, achieving good amounts of visitors will be a matter of time.

Follow the steps below and you will automatically be in the Quality + Quantity circle.

best blog practices

7 Best practices for blog posting:

  1. Word count to be 1500 or more.
  2. 2 or more good info graphics per post.
  3. Interlinking to other blog posts.
  4. Good quality content.
  5. SEO optimized content.
  6. Proper usage of keywords.
  7. Author details and social media.
  8. Email outreach to your audience about the blog post you did.

These steps can easily help you compete with the best out there. Not only will it let you compete with them but also rank better depending on your content and resources provided.

Website / Homepage / Landing page

Not only do blog post size needs good but also the content on your homepage / landing page matters. The Q + Q Rule applies to all types of websites which are trying to explain a specific topic or a business. Have a look at our websites homepage. We have a single page website yet we have enough content to explain what is our website about and what services do we provide.

Provide good references and resources

Do keep in mind most of us need some proof that the content posted is legit and would be beneficial to the target audience. So please link to the content you referred to when writing your blog post. Providing a pdf version of your post can also be very useful. Let’s take an example of a fitness blog where posting fitness tips is necessary. In a niche like this you can make a special downloads page where people can download the diet charts, specific calorie diets etc.

Get others opinion about your content

You can directly send an email asking people whether they appreciate what you post or there are some changes required. Always remember its the audience who need to like you content. Also, keep a track of those who subscribe to your blog and send them latest blog post snippets.

Email Outreach is very important when it comes to promoting content online. Its an old step but as we all know “old is gold”

Create surveys on trending topics in your niche

Take an example of a mobile review/unboxing/testing blog. Here you can post a survey where people come and provide their experience on certain types of mobile phones. Later you can easily approach the company and provide them some market research and make some $$$

If you have your own product website the idea applies for you as well.

Longer is better

Just google a trending topic which currently comes to your mind. You will agree why longer posts are usually better.

So just click on the top organic link you find in your search and have a look at the amount of content posted. Let me guess the content is somewhere above 1500 words. Here are a few reasons why high word count posts rank at the top:

  1. More content = More search traffic = More web search matches.
  2. Proper in depth explanations increase the visitors to read more.
  3. Higher the content, Higher the Search Engine Optimization.
  4. More images = More alt text = More content indexed.
  5. Current posts with high rankings follow the same rule.

Long posts allow you to target multiple keywords and key phrases

Short posts will limit your keyword usage but long posts can help you target different keywords and key phrases which will ultimately give you more visitors. For example:

Blog post with 200-300 words Blog post with 1500+ words
Keyword Usage 3-6 times 15-25 times
Key phares 1-2 times 9-18 times
Search Traffic Average High

The above table clearly shows that a post with more words targets more audience and is found more on search engines compared to the one with less content.

High word counts give more backlinks

One of the most important factors of SEO is back linking. The longer posts you have the more link-backs you get. It’s simple if you have a good word count post with quality content more people will refer to it and more people will backlink to it when posting content, they learnt from you. The flow is simple More content get you more backlinks, more backlinks provide you with a better SEO and finally good SEO gives you more traffic, even top results sometimes.

quality plus quantity rule

Final Verdict

There is no easy way to get through this. (Quality + Quantity) Content = Good Rankings.

Things to keep in mind before you start writing your post.

  1. Do not forget quality: Do not dilute your content just to increase the number of words.
  2. Adding info graphics is important: Images are what get stuck in the brain.
  3. Keyword and key phrase optimization: SEO optimized articles are better picked by search engines.
  4. Title tags should be well written: Exact match titles can help you increase your rankings.
  5. Readability shouldn’t be overlooked: If the post is not readable there is no point posting it.

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