All about Search Engines

Search Engines are programs defined to search and identify your keywords or key phrases and provide you with results from the World Wide Web. Websites with the best internet presence and SEO are shown at the top results.

In this post we are going to explain search engines and how important their role is in Search engine optimization (SEO) 

Overall a websites complete Internet presence depends on how it reacts to search engines and how good your content is picked on them.

Most search engines have their own directories and the rest either pick content from well known directories or their algorithms do the job. Adding a new business website to these directories is very beneficial for increasing internet presence and search traffic.

The rule is simple : The more people click on your websites for your current keywords or key phrases the more your website is  appreciated by the search engine and appropriately your page rank is assigned.

I prefer to call them internet engines as they provide you with trending content as per your keyword. This makes the search results much better and good content is appreciated accordingly.

How do search engines find a website

Websites are crawled according to their relative content by spiders. Depending on the content indexed the results are displayed. Only indexing your website is not the end there is a lot more taken into consideration while rating your website to show up at the top.


How to index your website on search engines

  1. Submit your website url to Google
  2. Index your url to Yahoo
  3. Add your url to Bing


  1. Simply Submit it to Entireweb and
  2. Index website url to Bing

Usually it takes a week to index your links and rank it but it completely depends on the search engine and how much load they have yet to be processed regarding the same reason.

Here are some details and explanations about the top most search engines


The name says it all. Even a no brain man knows what Google is, whether it is my grandma’s sewing machine problem or some complicated coding of Java program, all you need to do is search and Google returns with a plethora of results in just a jiffy.
Google Search

The Google Search is a web search engine and is most widely and most commonly used Search Engine in the World Wide Web (www). It handles almost three billion searches in a day on an average. The Google returns its results based on Page Ranks that it allots to websites based on many different aspects.

Overview, All about Google

Google Inc. was originally developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin back in 1997. The Google Search provides several features beyond searching for words. These include synonyms, weather forecasts, time zones, stock quotes, maps, earthquake data, movie showtimes, airports, home listings, and sports scores.

There are also some other features for dates, numbers, measurement conversion, currency conversion, language translation and others. In 2011 June, Google launched the “Google Voice Search” to search for speech instead of text.

Google Panda

Back in February 2011, Google changed its searching algorithm and launched Google Panda. The name “Panda” has its origin from the name Navneet Panda, who developed this technology.

What it actually did was lower the rankings of “low-quality sites” and returned with the higher-quality sites near the top. It affected the site as a whole or specific section instead of individual webpages on a site.

Google’s Penguin

One of the most frequently updated google prototype to check seo and provide rankings. Its an angel for people doing their search engine optimization using white hat methods and a nightmare for people using black hat methods.

Not only does it provide appropriate ranking to a website but it also adds and removes website as per their SEO.

Bing by Microsoft

A very functional search engine with a wide set of wallpapers that are the special eye-candy to people of all age group. Bing is a search engine that is operated by Microsoft. Its predecessors include well-known search engines

  • MSN Search
  • Windows Live Search
  • Live Search

Overview, All about Bing

Bing provides a lot of services which include search for web, images, video and maps. Back in July 2009, Microsoft and Yahoo! announced a deal in which Bing will power the Yahoo! search engine. The deal was later altered in 2015 which stated that Yahoo! will only use Bing for “majority” of its searches.

Microsoft recognized that there would be a problem with branding as long as the word “live”remained in it. As a result Microsoft’s search service was renamed from Live Search to Bing.

The name Bing was chosen because scholars back then thought that the name was Memorable, Short, Easy to Spell and that it would be more advisable in web URLs.

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Search Engine Optimization / SEO

Social Media Marketing / SMM

Search Engine Marketing / SEM

Here are 3 Search Engine Processes which occur in real time:

  1. Web crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Searching

Web Crawling

Web crawlers are internet bots which search the world wide web for content indexed. Web crawlers start with a list of directories which have relevant content as per user request. Every crawler needs to download webpages, so indexing every web page makes the job of a web crawler easy and fast for showing results.


Search engines collect, categorises and stores data to facilitate fast and accurate searches. The purpose of indexing is to store relevant data for each category. This process helps in providing fast, accurate and optimized results. So if a webpage is not indexed on search engines the web crawlers dig up the internet to find results which are time and data consuming, due to this ranking of websites take time depending on how properly the website has been indexed.


Also known as web search query. A web search query is a user request entered in a search engine to get content as per his or her satisfaction. Web search queries vary for different languages compared to standard languages used by the search engine. Web search queries are sent to crawlers to get appropriate content indexed in search engines and provide it to the user. Keyword optimization for web search queries vary for each language.

This was all about search engines.

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