Viral Marketing 2017 ~ Ultimate Techniques

What is Viral Marketing and Why is it so important to know about viral marketing techniques?

How will viral marketing strategies and campaigns help you improve your business?

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a process by which audience are encouraged, motivated to share the content of a company’s products / services on the Internet, in other words it is a marketing technique which includes website users and audience to spread the word about your content.

Why is it so important?

Everyone wants high revenue generation for their own specific companies. This method has been used by fortune 500 companies to increase their product or services sales.

Special sales funnel is created which starts by viral marketing and end at very high number of sales.

11 Ultimate Viral Marketing Techniques / Ideas:

The methods below are few of the best viral marketing campaigns tried an tested. Important key note – Please do not over use these methods it can end up converting your content to spam. The E-book methods are no doubt old school but they yet help achieve quiet a lot when it comes to digital marketing.

Viral E-Book Marketing – Idea #1

  • Purchase the marking rights to a viral E-book. Permit your friends, bloggers to give away your free E-book to their guests.
  • At that point, their guests will likewise give it away to more people and this chain will continue.
  • This will simply keep on spreading your promotion everywhere throughout the Internet.

Creating a forum method – Idea #2

  • If you can set up a discussion or other announcement board / thread, you truly have an incredible instrument.
  • Permit individuals to utilize your online talk board for their own site. A few people don’t have one.
  • Simply incorporate your flag promotion at the highest point of the thread.
  • This will make people remember your banner and thereby promote your brand / business to a good amount of target audience.

web design

Web Design templates – Idea #3

Do you have a skill for website composition? Make a few layouts, design, website psd files and so on and transfer them to your site.

At that point, permit individuals to give away your free website design, architecture representation, textual styles, layouts, templates etc.

The only catch here should be the downloading part, when you share the layouts make sure the audience need to visit your website to click on the download button.

Ensure that you incorporate a connection back to your site in the copyright and ask them not to remove it.

Self E-Book method – Idea #4

Write an E-book. Permit individuals to put a notice in your free E-book if, in return, they giveaway the E-book to their web guests.

Self Referral articles – Idea #5

  • Write articles that relate to your item or administration.
  • Permit individuals to republish your articles on their site, in their E-zine, pamphlet, magazine or E-books.
  • Incorporate your asset box and the alternative for article reprints at the base of every article.

Viral Re-branding – Idea #6

  • You can very easily find products on the internet which will provide you re-branding rights, just find a product or service which is already viral or has a very huge target audience.
  • Add your branding, banners, sales snippet to the products and create videos of the products and share on the internet.
  • This will make your brand more likeable and people will love to share your content on all social media.

Trending Articles – Idea #7

Create social media articles which relate to current trending topics and try explaining your reviews on the same.

This method has been derived from successful marketing campaigns, it can be very helpful when you are writing on a topic which has many different types of public opinion.

Using top forums – Idea #8

Create an amazing article about your brand product and share it on forums and blogs. This method can let your business reach to more people ultimately increasing your sales.

Forum posting method is considered as a method to generate organic views to your website, product page. Just remember one thing, do not spam blogs with your posts.

Bookmark 6-10 top forums as per you niche and share your posts once a month also make sure to comment on other forum posts / threads and reply to comments.

Viral Video Marketing – Idea #9

Short content marketing videos are trending an getting more love from the audience. Mid-speed videos of about 30-45 seconds tend to get very high engaging.

For this method I’d recommend you to create a video where you explain about your business in a very amazing way which will be a reminding factor to your potential clients whenever they need a product or service which relates to your niche / category.

Image Hack – Idea #10

Seen those amazing images on the internet? Which ultimately take you to a business page. Yes! Those are marketing campaigns.

Visual images tend to create more call-to-actions. Surveys prove that image promotions get more clicks compared to write-up promotions.

Idea #11


One of the easiest methods to implement when trying to achieve perfect promotions. This works best for brands trying to promote their products for example a makeup brand.

Follow these steps to achieve social media viral marketing :

  1. Create a a product giveaway banner.
  2. Share it on all your social media. (I hope you have your business on all social media)
  3. If you have a list of emails of your customers or potential ones, send them an email about the giveaway.
  4. Select 3 winners and send them the products, just ask them to share their giveaway winnings on all their social media ( which they will readily accept, as there is nothing to lose for them) This step will help you reach out more people.
  5. Do not giveaway products to accounts specially made for giveaways. It’s just pointless!

This method can be applied to product launches, sales offers, festive discounts and much more. Not only will it increase your website visits but also develop a community of people who will start knowing about your product and love to buy and own them.

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Checklist for Viral Marketing

Note* – All these steps should be content which people would love to share. It should not be completely about promoting your business.

  1. Write about your product / service.
  2. Design relative infographics for your business.
  3. Create an amazing intro video about your business.
  4. Follow any 5 viral marketing thoughts given above.
  5. Wait for your results.

If your viral marketing strategy doesn’t go well do not lose hope. Viral content is not something which is created overnight, it takes good amount of efforts by one or multiple individuals to come up with an idea which can go viral.

Viral marketing techniques are not limited to the one mentioned here. You can create your own as per your requirements.

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