Website Design: Ultimate Tips (2017 Update)

5C’s to follow when Designing Websites

Website design can be done using various tools, website builders etc,
but to get everything right there are certain guidelines to be followed.
According to new research, a website which generates high sales and traffic tend to follow the guidelines below!

Below is a info graphic explaining the 5C’s to keep in mind when designing websites.

5C's of Website Design

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Here is my take on the website design tips from the infographic and

How you can implement them to boost your web design skills.

Website Design Principles

There are multiple tools, content management systems, various platforms to create websites.
But no matter what tool, platform you use there are certain rules which need to be followed.
So let’s start!


Colors make our website look attractive but only when used properly!

Every color represents an emotion and you have to take care to make use of the best.
Depending on the target /goal to be achieved specific colors can be implemented on a website to make it user friendly,
Easy to eye and interesting enough to share.

You can visit to know more about color psychology.
They have some great research conducted about colors.


Yes! The more creative your website is, the more you’ll attract audience.

Researchers have found that creative websites attract 20% more audience!


Content is a very important factor when it comes to explaining a topic properly to your audience.
Always make sure your content is written in basic language so it’s easy to read and understand.

Content is what separates your from the masses and allows you to prove yourself.
It helps sending out the right message to your current and future customers.

  • Copywriting

    Good content is like the heart of your website but to support it you need the brain,
    which are the other website design tips mentioned above.

  • Visual Content

    Adding proper content to your images is also another important factor.
    Your typography should always match the theme of your image.


Always make sure your to keep your content, images, creatives consistent i.e make sure you follow the same theme throughout.
Websites following a single theme expressing more about their brand / company create more authoritative internet presence.

Call to Action

Even after you have implemented all the 4C’s of Website Design above you are yet missing one.
Actually the most important one that is Call to Action.

With a proper call to action there is no value generated. It’s like doing everything for free!

So please make sure you add proper call to actions whenever and wherever required.

Stay Tuned for more Website Design and Digital Marketing tips.

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