What is Google AMP

Google AMP is a process which helps you build web pages for static content allowing your web pages to load faster.

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages Project.

Overview on AMP

Responsive websites are the current go to when creating a website. Not only should it be responsive to multiple devices but it should also provide the same user experience on all platform devices.

Google AMP has gained a lot of importance as more than 80% of visitors have shifted to smart phones and the new visitors are mostly visitors via mobile phones.

Google AMP and SEO

You must be thinking what is the importance of google amp in SEO. It is very simple, if you have high amount of smart phone users as your target audience your website / web pages should load faster.

Pages which take long time to load are 85% of the time avoided by users. Websites with high load time also get a very high bounce rate which again is not good for google rankings.

Finally, if you website doesn’t load fast your search engine optimization is hardly of any use unless you keep getting high traffic from computer users.


AMP consists of three parts:

  2. AMP JS
  3. Google AMP Cache


AMP HTML is basically normal html with amp extension and properties.

AMP HTML tags are mostly same to html tags excluding a few of tags which are used to optimize a website for loading faster.

Though most of AML hypertext markup language tags are similar to HTML tags, some HTML tags are replaced with AMP html specific tags.

The amp-img tag provides complete srcset support even in web browsers which yet have not integrated srcset support.


AMP JS is Accelerated Mobile Pages Java Scripts. AMP Js library implements only the best practices used.

AMP JS manages resource loading, provides you with tags to get your job done and once again decreases you website loading time, allowing your website resources to load faster.

The best feature of AMP Js is that is converts all resources coming from outside to asynchronous so none of them collide, avoiding any resource loading issue. AMP JS also helps you select and remove slow css selectors.

Google AMP Cache

Google AMP is a delivery system which is proxy based for delivering all AMP documents which include images, Java Script (JS) files etc. Google AMP Cache send data as per request from a single source via HTML 2.0 which increases efficiency thereby improving loading time for a specific AMP web page.

Another good feature of google amp cache is that it confirms whether the page will function properly or it depends on external sources to complete loading the specific webpage.

The validation system in Google AMP Cache runs a series of test to check whether a webpage meets AMP HTML requirements. This process helps in segregation of webpages which take a longer time to load or have source code errors.

Reasons to implement AMP

  1. Helps your pages load faster.
  2. Optimize your website content once and rest is taken care of.
  3. Access your webpages on mobile phones without losing UI/UX targets.
  4. Increases your audience due to its web friendliness.
  5. Easy SEO step which doesn’t need investment or any funds.

AMP Supported Browsers

Google AMP supports 2 Latest versions for most famous browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera.

The above mentioned browsers are not the only ones supported. Google AMP aims at providing web pages, content and resources to almost all browsers with lightning speed.

AMP Supported Platforms

  • AMP for ads include:

  1. AccessTrade
  2. AdBlade
  3. AdForm
  4. AdMan
  5. Adsense
  6. Yahoo
  7. Xlift
  8. AdReactor and many more.
  • For Analytics

  1. Google analytics
  2. Adobe analytics
  3. ColAnalyrics
  4. Yandex metrica
  5. ChartBeat
  6. SimpleReach and many more
  • Content Platforms

  1. Google
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter
  4. Reddit
  5. Pinterest
  6. Hatena
  7. Nazzel and
  8. Medium.
  • CMS (Content management system)

  1. WordPress
  2. SquareSpace
  3. Drupal
  4. Hatena
  5. Marfeel
  • For Audio/ Video Platforms

  1. YouTube
  2. Dailymotion
  3. Vimeo
  4. Vine
  5. Springboard
  6. SoundCloud
  7. JW player
  8. AOL O2 etc.

Here is a complete list of AMP supported browsers and platforms


Should I make my new website using Google Accelerated Mobile Pages / AMP?

Answer : Yes, Its a 100% win.

What if I already have a website?

Answer : If your website is mobile optimized then it not a compulsion for you but if your website is not mobile optimized try making a new html website which is optimized using Google AMP.

Will AMP help me boost my rankings?

Answer : Yes, but it depends on how good content and how well your website is promoted online.

Is it easy to implement?

Answer : Yes, Its very easy to implement AMP to your website.

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