1. What is the time taken to design and develop a website?

This completely depends on the website requirement provided, a basic website takes anywhere between 7-10 days.

2. I would like to design a website, what is the process?

Visit our contact us page and we will get back to you and get complete details about your website requirement.

3. Is there a need for me to buy the domain name and hosting?

It completely depends on you. We also provide domain purchase and hosting services.

4. How much will a basic website cost?

A basic website will cost you anywhere between Rs.8-15 thousand depending on your requirements.

5. What is the payment structure?

Our payment structure is very simple

  • 40% Advance
  • 40% Semi-Completion
  • 20% After Completion
6. Will redesigning my website increase my traffic?

Yes it will because we make sure our websites are 100% SEO and Mobile friendly and index faster which helps you reach out to your target audience as soon as possible. 

7. How much do you charge for website maintenance?

Depends on the type of your website. You can contact us and get a quote for similar requirements.

8. How do we manage projects from outside Mumbai?

We setup skype meetings. Social Media chats to keep our overseas clients up to date with the latest details of on going projects.

9. Does my website need Search Engine Optimization?

Every Business has a target audience and to reach out to them, Search Engine Optimization is a necessity.

10. What type for results will SEO Campaign give?

Atleast 100% organic traffic growth to your website.

11. What is the time needed for completing SEO?

SEO is an on going process. Please refer question 16.

12. What results are expected after six month of a SEO Campaign?

This questions completely depends on the keyword competition in your niche. You can expect results anywhere between the first and third page on Google.

13. Do I need to sign a contract with your company?

It is completely upto you. We provide both retainer and project based services.

14. Do we guarantee 1st page results?

Many of our completed projects have been ranked on the first page of Google coming to the guarantee part, No we do not make any false promises. We believe in showing results and not bragging.

15. Is our process according to the latest Google algorithm update?

Yes. Our expert team is Google certified and up to date with latest Google algorithms.

16. Is SEO a one time thing? Will my website keep staying at the top?

No SEO is not a one time thing. Due to high competition in the field of Digital Marketing Search Engine Optimization is an on going process.