Search Engine Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Media buying (Newspaper ads) has been one of the oldest, very affective method used for marketing and brand promotion but now the story is completely different because of search engine marketing services being more cost effective and ROI boosting.

Search Engine Marketing i.e. paying for digital ads is the go to marketing method offered by well known search engine platforms.

Brand awareness, Digital Buzz, Traffic and Lead Generation are few applications of search engine marketing.

We at HaiYeMaya Digital Marketing offer complete pay per click also know as search engine marketing services for your Business, Blog, Web application.


Why Search Engine Marketing?

When it comes to promoting a business on the internet, SEO is always the not the perfect solution since it is time consuming and helpful for the long run.

Example: Business who are need to promote their products online and get results asap need SEM more than SEO.

Does this make SEO not important? NO!

SEO is always important when it comes to getting long term results on the other hand SEM will help you get results much faster.

You can also refer to us as search engine marketing (SEM) agengy based in Mumbai.


Pay Per Click Services

Our pay per click services include complete competitor analysis, helping clients to get the best price for each click, keyword analysis depending on the type of business and selection of the target audience.

We create Pay Per Click campaigns to get quick results with 2-4 days. Every campaign reports are send out weekly or monthly depending of the opt-in selected by the client.

Google Certified Experts

We make sure each expert on our team is Google certified and up to date with the latest Search Marketing services and strategies. We aim to provide complete customer satisfaction when it come to providing quality services.

Landing Page Design and Development

Every Ad on a search engine is differect from the other, a minimal amount of these ads are engaging and audience catching. Depending on your requirement we create and consult you to get the best engaging landing page and help you implement specific call to actions and eye friendly content to achieve the optimum results.

Our expert team makes sure your ads are well optimized, user friendly and audience engaging.

Advantages of Pay Per Click Services

  • Lazer target audience selection
  • Quick Results (Between 2-4 days)
  • Bonus Brand awareness
  • Complete Analysis with reports
  • Budget friendly (Set your own budget)

Hire us to get the best results with your search engine marketing campaigns.

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