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Website Development by HaiYeMaya

Due to the emerging online market, Website development services have started gaining attention due to the rising requirements from multiple Individuals and Corporate Businesses.

Having a business website has now just become a necessity. Our web development team makes sure to provide Clean Code, Hassle Free Backend, User Friendly Editing, Amazing Website loading time and much more.

Many domestic and international companies outsource website development projects to us due to our amazing quality services and website development costs.

We also offer Blog Development, E-Commerce websites, Education portals, Custom Website services.


Our approach

We follow complete website development principles when it comes to delivering amazing websites.

Our Web Development services include the following:

Purpose: We make sure the purpose of the website is easily expressed and it becomes very easy to understand. Are your customers in search of websites which require relevant interactions, questionaire etc.

You’re at the right place! We provide such services!

Communication: Everybody seems to need quick answers and avoid waiting for replies. We help you stay in touch and provide complete details about your business to your potential clients. If your website fails to communicate with the visitors, business improvement wont be noticed.

Typefaces: Reading fonts online are very different from reading newspaper content. We help you decide a relevant font which will be easy to read and follow your brand ethics. Fonts can avoid website content from being readable.

Colors: The most imporatant thing which makes a website retina ready is the color palette used for it. Following the brand identity is another important aspect when it comes to providing website development services.

Navigation: Another crucial website development factor is navigation. Targeting audience to the perfect landing page is what every business should strive and achieve. We at HaiYeMaya Digital Marketing make sure your landing pages are well set and developed.

Website Load Time: Google has officialy declared that website load time is a ranking factor that means website which take long time to load will definetely rank lower in comparision of website with less loading time

Mobile Friendly: All websites created by us at HaiYeMaya are 100% Mobile friendly which means it will support all possible mobiles and will be cross browser compatible.

Other Online Marketing Services We Offer