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During initial consultation we do take a body profile and suggest the programme best suited for the client. In case of outstation clients we mail them a questionnaire that can be filled with the required details.

Customized Diet Plans are for Weight loss, Weight gain taking into consideration the clinical conditions and client history. Customized Diet and Exercise Plans that fit into your existing lifestyle to keep you healthy.

We have special plans for children and teenagers that caters to their specific needs be it athletic or obesity issues.

Naazendeh Mecklai

Naazendeh has graduated in Holistic Health and Nutrition alongwith an International certification in Clinical Diet Planning. Having done her counselling course on the Robert Carkuff’s model and an advanced counselling course in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy developed by Dr Albert Ellis.
She believes that everyone has a right to good health through nutritious food and exercise which are very crucial for a healthy lifestyle and prevent lifestyle diseases.



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Had a very positive experience – Naaz’s diet plans were practical and easy to follow. In addition to losing over 5 kgs in 3 months, my cholesterol levels improved dramatically (though she doesn’t guarantee this as cholesterol is affected by genetic factors in addition to diet). Overall, am feeling a lot healthier and more energetic.

Shoma Narayanan

Banker and Author

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